Guest post: Carol and Tim!

This is Tim and Carol, Felice’s parents, and we have been asked by Felice and Luke to be guest bloggers.  This is quite an honor, and we will make every effort to be as entertaining and insightful as they are, although our chances of succeeding are slim.  We will start by saying that Felice and Luke travel like they’ve been doing this their entire lives.  They calmly make their way through cities and country roads, Luke driving like a professional, dealing with all manner of drivers, and Felice providing healthy snacks and navigating unfamiliar road signs, consistently able to quickly determine where we were and where we needed to be.  All this while still admiring and appreciating all they were seeing, and enjoying each other. They are quite the team! We did find ourselves offroading in Croatia; Felice told Luke to immediately turn left before the next bridge, which put us on a dead end dirt road through a vineyard.  Oops.

Our heroes are also incredibly well organized – everything has a place, and is in its place – grandpa Hal would be proud!  The wonderful custom cabinetry Luke designed and built for the truck makes this possible, and Felice’s endless lists assured every possible need will be met. Traveling with them was so seamless, it is easy to forget the mammoth preparation that made this seemingly effortless travel possible.

Dad and cows with our AirBnB host in Slovenia (near Lake Bled)
Dad and cows with our AirBnB host in Slovenia (near Lake Bled)

Now for our adventures.  We met Felice and Luke in Zagreb, Croatia.  Felice had arranged a lovely AirBnB, and we walked around the beautiful, old city for a few hours before heading to Slovenia.  There we had a remarkable homestay at a small farm with our gracious host, Alma.  Her Mom told us an amazing story about her great grandfather, who had traveled to Alaska in the 1890’s for the Gold Rush to make his fortune.  Against all odds, he not only made it to Alaska safely, but he also  found enough gold to buy the farm they live on today.  They were very proud of their brave and adventurous ancestor.

Lake Bled
Lake Bled

Onwards to Bovecs, Slovenia, where we spent a lovely afternoon on Lake Bled.  We rented a rowboat, and the kindly and strong Luke rowed us around the lake.  We all managed to not fall in, which was a huge accomplishment, given the size of us and the size of our boat.  Tim was quite a spectacle with his ripped shorts (he sat on a nail, no damage to his body) and his giant orange lifevest.  The castles on the surrounding hills were spectacular, as they were throughout the trip.  We also visited a World War I museum, which was very moving and emotionally exhausting.  Luke and Tim were especially affected by the soldiers who dug trenches on the top of mountains, at 9000 feet.

On a bridge
On a bridge

Slovenia was also the site of a mammoth hike that we are pleased to say we survived.  Up and down mountains, then up and down again, across a suspension bridge and along a cliff that ended at a waterfall and a bone chilling swim by Felice and Luke while we clung to the side of the mountain, hoping and praying they made it back to us safely, since we didn’t know where we were, where we were going, where the car keys were, where our next meal was coming from…you get our drift.

There we (Felice and Luke) are swimming to the waterfall - our skin tingled from the cold for ages after getting out
There we (Felice and Luke) are swimming to the waterfall – our skin tingled from the cold for ages after getting out
With Manfred, Huberta, and Cato the mountain dog (we still aren't convinced he's not just a ball of fluff and positive energy)
With Manfred, Huberta, and Cato the mountain dog (we still aren’t convinced he’s not just a ball of fluff and positive energy)

In Austria we visited Manfred, Huberta and Fritz Barthel, as well as Fritz’s children.  These wonderful people hosted Matt, Tim’s brother, when he was an exchange student 40 years ago.  There are not enough words to describe the love and kindness they showered on us.  We took gorgeous walks through the town, marveled at the mountains they had climbed, and enjoyed our time with them so much.  Tim, who had visited 40 years ago, threatened to never leave, now that Fritz’s daughter runs a coffee shop downstairs at the family home.

Touristing around Budapest
Touristing around Budapest

In Budapest we stayed with our daughter Eve’s college roommate, Julia, her husband Bill, and their adorable baby, Henry.  They were also wonderful hosts who gave us a great tour of the city and told us so many stories about the amazing history of Budapest.  If Tim, Carol and Luke hadn’t got stuck in their elevator it would have been a perfect visit!  (It was a small blip that, while horrifying Julia and Bill, was quite funny after the fact.)

We now have a new respect for Felice and Luke for another reason – writing blog posts is REALLY hard!  Just like every other aspect of their big adventure, they make it look easier than it actually is.

We are so thrilled to have been Felice and Luke’s first guests, it was a joy to watch them explore.  We love you so much and are so incredibly proud of you!  Live your dreams!

*Photos taken by all of us and “curated” by Felice

Zagreb, Croatia

Slovenia: Celje, Lake Bled and Bovecs

Salzburg, Austria

Bad Haring, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Budapest, Hungary 

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  1. What a huge adventure! And that is how you are living your lives everyday – incredible! It was so special sharing your life for those two weeks. We are excited to see you again. Love you so much.


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